Reiki Definition

The Japanese word Reiki roughly translates to “spiritual essence”. The system of Reiki as traditionally taught, involves spiritual practices aimed to bring us closer to our spiritual essence and thus support healing and personal development.

Reiki in Japanese Kanji 靈氣

Japanese Kanji are contextual and layered with meaning.  As such it is important to have a general understanding of what each Kanji mean both alone and within context of one another.

“Rei” is represented by the Japanese kanji 靈 and can mean:

  • Spirit / Spiritual
  • Universal
  • Heavenly
  • Soul
  • Divine

Rei can be used to generally describe practices and such related to spiritual phenomena.

“Ki”  is represented by the Japanese kanji and can mean:

  • Mind
  • Power
  • Essence
  • Energy
  • Flow

Ki can be generally described as “life force” and inner essence of all living things.

Together “Reiki” 靈 can be understood as “spiritual essence”, “heavenly flow”, “universal energy”, or “True Self”.