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The Michigan Reiki Dojo is a weekly practice space for committed practitioners/students seeking a space to learn, grow, and share. Each two-hour session is lead by a trained Reiki teacher and supported with an ever accommodating community of fellow practitioners.

Usui’s Reiki method encourages students to both invite happiness as well as maintain health; working with the heart/mind and body. As such, during each session we will emphasize one aspect of the very interconnected ideal:

  • Therapeutic Reiki treatment (Reiki Chiryo)
  • Cultivating Reiki realization (Reiki Shugyo)

Within the above framework, our focus will vary from week to week, with in-depth lecture and practice on one or more of the many aspects of the Usui Reiki system and/or related Japanese methods including:

  • Meditation (sitting and moving)
  • Hands-on Healing (Reiki treatment)
  • Reiju (empowerment)
  • Jumon/Shirushi (traditional Japanese spiritual methods)
  • Giho (techniques)

and more…

These practice sessions are for Dojo members only; serious students who earnestly aim to grow, develop their understanding, and harness their ability to heal themselves and feasibly help others with wisdom and compassion. Formal learning opportunities for beginners are offered separately.

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Reiki Dojo members area